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We are hired by our clients as professional consultants to carefully listen to their travel goals, create customized, inspiring journeys, and provide advice on all the components of travel. We specialize in designing customized, stress-free, seamless itineraries. Additionally, we are experts on luxury resorts, river and ocean cruises, adventure experiences, and high quality group tours. We can assist in choosing the right option to meet your travel dreams, then customize your pre- and post-tour arrangements. 

We work with our long-term repeat clients who travel often on an annual contract basis. New clients, or those who travel occasionally, may hire us on a per trip basis. 

Our cost for Itinerary Design begins at $1000 per week of travel. Our semi-annual fee for group, multiple-trip and long-term planning begins at $1500. Before recommending an itinerary, we invest time into getting to know our clients and their trip goals. Our initial research and commitment are key elements to a successful journey. We may charge more for Festive Season travel, last-minute requests, or other unique requests requiring immediate attention or more involved services.

For retail travel products and direct hotel bookings, our compensation is paid by the hotel, cruise line or tour company, through the commission that is built into the price. For customized journeys, the cost of our services is 20% of the net, unpublished, negotiated cost of tours and hotels, and is paid at time of deposit. While other advisors and tour operators typically include a similar component in total trip cost, we prefer to disclose our fee separately for mutual understanding and trust.

We want our clients to have expert, up-to-date advice when purchasing airline tickets and 24-hour, proactive monitoring and assistance during travel for delays or cancellations. We partner with an independent air booking company on our clients’ behalf. We find their services to be invaluable for getting the best schedules, business and first class experience and pricing, and support while en route. There are additional fees for these services, typically $125 per person for an international ticket.

The cost of luxury, experiential travel has increased dramatically. For a bespoke itinerary in top destinations, including stays at 5-star hotels, private touring and transportation, our clients should expect to spend $20,000 per week or more for two people.  

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